Sacramento Delta

Chicken & Duck Eggs


Chicken & Duck Eggs

From happy hens on healthy soil.

Weekly deliveries right to your door throughout Rio Vista, West Sacramento, and surrounding Sacramento Delta communities!

Trust where your eggs come from!

We want you to know exactly where your eggs are coming from and how happy the hens are! Just drive onto Ryer Island and wave at the farm across from Snug Harbor. You’ll see ALL of our happy hens outside, roaming free, and happily foraging for bugs in our native Delta grasses!

Know you’re helping heal the earth!

The pastures our hens call home are constantly being tilled, fertilized, and replenished by our happily foraging hens. Rotating the hen’s grazing grounds and moving their mobile coops ensures the hens have constant access to fresh grass, seeds, insects and more. After the hens have cared for an area of pasture, that land is then able grow and flourish. This beautiful symbiotic relationship is called restorative farming!

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