Our Story

Delta Tails Farm started with a love for animal welfare, the environment, and the desire to share sustainably produced food with our Delta Community!

Photo courtesy of Snug Harbor

Located in the heart of the flourishing Sacramento Delta and directly across from Snug Harbor Resort on Ryer Island, our farm was once a thriving 17 acre stone fruit orchard! Unfortunately, it suffered years of forgotten neglect, but when we laid eyes on the tired, forlorn property, we immediately saw through the overgrown bushes and piles of waste. It definitely had modern day Secret Garden vibes with vines covering walls and buildings lost to time and overgrowth!

With lots of elbow grease and wild determination, we’ve slowly been bringing this farm back to life!

Meet the farmer!

Hi! I’m Stacy, I am a full time duck wrangler, egg collector, and owner of Delta Tails Farm!

I have a passion for raising happy and healthy birds, providing the Sacramento and Delta area with delicious farm fresh eggs, supporting a flourishing community of farmers and consumers, and nourishing the land Delta Tails Farm calls home!

Together with my family, 7 dogs (yes, you hear that right SEVEN!), and many heritage breed animals, we’re working to turn Delta Tails Farm into a flourishing and sustainable, neighborhood farm and educational community!