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Want to use our delicious Pasture Raised Chicken or Duck Eggs in your restaurant or foodservice outlet?

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Proudly providing our Pasture Raised eggs to restaurants and foodservices throughout:

the Delta, Yolo County, Sacrament County, and surrounding areas!

🐔🦆Local eggs you can trust-

  • Chicken & Duck hens with the freedom to roam and forage as they please.
  • Pasture Raised in grasses free of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals.
  • Heritage Breeds perfectly suited for enjoying Pasture Raised life.
  • Sustainable & Regenerative Farming Practices.
  • Locally Sourced Supplemental Feed if needed.
  • Spreading Farm to Fork values and awareness.

Our Egg Prices run:

$17 a flat ($7 dozen) for Large Chicken Eggs

$25 a flat ($9.96 dozen) for Large Duck Eggs