Buying eggs at the grocery store can be overwhelming…

There’s a lot of clever marketing being shown to you on all those egg cartons, but how much of it actually matters… and what is the truth?

The truth is, most eggs come from hens that lay eggs in what’s called Industrial Eggs Farms.

These (California based Industrial Farms) other farms in the nation follow worse guidelines- focus on mass egg production over the wellbeing of the hen. The hens are kept in very confined living quarters under artificial light- which keeps their egg production hormones working on overdrive. They have limited mobility, don’t go outside, don’t have fresh air, and don’t do anything else,,,, except lay big, perfectly white grocery store eggs and peck at each other in a production warehouse. The truth is-the Industrial Food System just tells you on the carton that your beautiful white eggs (or “more natural looking brown eggs” are from “cage free” or “organic” hens that you assume have lived a wonderful life- they’re not.

Luckily you have choices…

A movement of people, communities, and Farmers are coming together to say “Hey! These chickens live in horrible conditions! There has to be a better way to get fresh, natural eggs that demands support of the wellbeing of the hen, the quality of the egg, and environment that surrounds egg production!!” Did I happen to mention above that the land, air, etc. around these Industrial Egg Farms is so toxic, it literally can’t and won’t support life! Yet that’s where our eggs are coming from- because the hens are kept alive with chemicals. Gross!

So, on a quest to provide significantly more humane, sustainable, and wholesomely produced eggs, farmers across America have been working tirelessly to bring the “natural way” of producing eggs back to mainstream. This movement is to produce eggs that are from hens who are Pasture-Raised or Free-Range Raised. In a nut shell, that means hens who are raised outside, in fresh air, given less antibiotics, and are generally given more space to move around in, forage, etc. We’re starting to see Pasture-Raised and Free-Range egg options on cartons in stores now, and you might be thinking “Ok! I know what to buy, I don’t want to support nasty Industrial Farms, I want eggs from chickens that are free and happy!” Well- there are still some misguided egg-cellently hidden Marketing truths on those cartons and let’s just say- the grass isn’t always greener just because the egg carton says so!

So what are you supposed to do?

Get to know where your eggs come from! The truth is, just because a carton says Pasture-Raised or Free Range- those hens might not be living that natural chicken life you’re imagining. Free-Range mandates a minimum of 2 square feet per bird… can you imagine being limited to only 2 square feet to move around in, eat, and use the bathroom? That’s a little cramped and rather disgusting. But that’s the minimum and an easy way to get a lot of eggs in not much outdoor space. Now, Farmers can choose to give their hens WAY MORE space and freedom. Pasture Raised mandates a minimum of 108 square feet per bird. That’s significantly more space and “so much more room for activities”!

Now, this is why it’s important to actually know the farm where your eggs are coming from and if your Farmer is being transparent with their care and consideration for their hens, your eggs, and the earth.

At Delta Tails Farm…

You can literally drive by and see our hens scratching in the ground, running around, eating bugs, and having the freedom to do literally whatever they want to do. This is how it should be and this is why it’s important to us to provide transparency when it comes to the care of our hens and our egg production. After all, we want you to not just have access to eggs that are good for you and good for the bird, but we want you to stand up and be part of this sustainable, regenerative farming, clean eating, humanely raised way of life!

Are eggs from Pasture-Raised hens really better for you?

Short answer YES! Long answer, again, it comes down to the farm and farmer! Our eggs at Delta Tails Farm are extra rich in Omega-3 Fats, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, proteins, and many other valuable nutritional benefits. Our yolks are more orange and are more protein dense due to the varied diets of grubs, bugs and plants our hens have daily access to. Our hens (and therefore eggs) are never treated with any hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals because they spend so much time outside in the fresh air and sunshine that their immune systems are significantly stronger than industrial raised poultry.

Now that you know the full story and can confidently say you know where your eggs come and the care that goes into them, we invite you to try our eggs for yourself!

You can also read out Pasture-Raised Egg Guide:

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